Certina watches can do more than just look good. Our watchmakers pay just as much attention to technical finesse, excellent workmanship and the highest precision as they do to a harmonious sporting design.


An innovative new titanium-based alloy that is used for balance springs. This revolutionary material was developed in collaboration with the Swatch Group and is used in selected brands. Nivachron springs are highly resistant to magnetic fields, shock, ageing and temperature fluctuations, lending them extremely high mechanical precision and making them remarkably reliable in everyday use.

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DS Concept

Discover the ‘Double Security’ concept that makes Certina watches so extraordinarily robust.




The name of an innovative technology which ensures the utmost accuracy at Certina. The timepieces with Precidrive™ quartz movements achieve real chronometer precision. With a rate deviation of +/-10 seconds per year, a Precidrive™ timepiece is around eight to ten times more accurate than traditional quartz timepieces.


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expertise - 110 de seconde


1/10th of a second in real time

Each chronograph is equipped with the tenth of a second feature. Selected Certina models visibly depict the tenth of a second in real time at 2 o'clock on the auxiliary dial – with ten increments per second. It is displayed when you press the related push-button, and stops automatically after one minute, while the chronograph continues to measure the time accurately down to a tenth of a second.


1/100th of a second in real time

The hundredth of a second measurement is not only an extremely rare display, it also ensures that real time is shown on the dial. On Certina's models, the hundredth of a second is displayed in real time by a coloured hand, while a second central hand simultaneously counts the regular stop second. The coloured hand stops automatically after one minute to save energy – but the chronograph continues to measure the time accurately down to a hundredth of a second.

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Powermatic 80

In addition to being highly accurate, the innovative Powermatic 80 automatic movement has a power reserve of up to 80 hours – almost twice as long as comparable models. This means that a fully wound watch left unworn for three days – for example, over the weekend – will still not need resetting, as the Powermatic 80 mechanism continues to keep time.