The Certina brand is proud to be able to say it has some exceptionally talented people as friends. These ambassadors reflect the values and philosophy of the sport watch brand – and carry them out into the world.

Jeremy Seewer

Jeremy Seewer

Born in Switzerland and today a resident of Belgium, 22 year old Jeremy can already look back on an impressive career in sports: from the Junior Vice World Champion title in 2001 to Vice World Champion in the MX2 class in 2016, Jeremy has never stopped working on his skills and has improved them steadily. He started 2017 with great confidence and excellent prospects for the racing season ahead – and he's keeping his eye on the victory podium: "Every season means a new challenge – and a real opportunity. I'm especially happy to have such a renowned partner as Certina at my side in the race for the championship title.

Connecting Certina and the young Motocross champion are the shared values of dynamism, a sporting spirit and continuous progress.

Ole Einar Bjørndalen

Few sports are as demanding in terms of accuracy and endurance as biathlon. And just as few people have such legendary talent and precision as Ole Einar Bjørndalen, whose numerous gold medal wins have made him a famous name throughout the world. In 2011 the Norwegian, one of the most successful biathletes in history, became a Certina partner.
His endurance and precision are already legendary, putting him in a class of his own. Ole Einar Bjørndalen is the most decorated athlete of all time, both in terms of the number of titles as well as the total number of medals won in world championships and Winter Olympic Games. Thirteen medals, including two won at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, his impressive series of world championship wins and records, and the invitation to join the International Olympic Committee in 2014 mark the brilliant 24-year, continuing career of this exceptional athlete. Ole’s precision, endurance and personality reflect the values of the Swiss sport watch brand perfectly; Certina is proud to call him a friend of the brand.

This likeable athlete is an unchallenged record holder in the sport of biathlon. A perfectly good reason for the nickname he has earned: "King Ole".
Stephane Kox

Stephane Kox

For several decades now, Certina has shown a flair for recognising sporting talents. The brand cherishes a particular interest in motorsport, from special series racing to rallying and Formula 1. And so in 2012 the sport watch brand decided to sponsor Stéphane Kox, the young female driver who had made a name for herself by winning medals in the Dutch, Belgian and European go-kart championships. Stéphane has racing in her genes. No doubt she carefully observed her father Peter, a professional racing driver known not just for his talent but also his friendly smile, as he drove those fast, brightly coloured cars around some of the world's most exciting racetracks. An atmosphere of dreams and wonder for a child, a world that she absorbed just a little bit more with each race she watched. Just like her father, Stéphane has an exceptional flair for a wide range of racing disciplines, and her consistent results are impressive. Certina has been supporting this promising driver since 2012, accompanying her on her path to the top of the racing world, as she inspires the next generation with her enthusiasm and talent.

The fresh face of a racing tradition, with Stéphane following in the footsteps of her father Peter, also a well-known racing driver.