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Functioning of the watch

  • How much is the power reserve for a self-winding mechanical Certina watch and how does it work?
  • Which specification must a watch meet to be given the ISO 6425 diver's watch certification?
  • How can I ensure that my Certina watch functions as it should?
  • What is a COSC-certified quartz chronometer?
  • What are the precision tolerances for Certina mechanical watches?
  • To what depth are Certina watches water-resistant?
  • What are the precision tolerances for Certina quartz watches?


  • How can I be sure I am buying a genuine Certina watch?
  • How to sort my waste?
  • Where can I get a Certina catalogue?

Maintenance services

  • What is the battery life? What does EOL mean?
  • How often does a watch need to be serviced?
  • What does the guarantee cover?
  • Where can I have my Certina watch serviced?
  • Why does Certina not deliver replacement parts directly to its customers?
  • Can my Certina watch be serviced – do you have the right replacement components?
  • How much does it cost to get my Certina watch serviced?
  • How to clean your watch in this period of Coronavirus?


  • Does the dial and hand of my watch contain radium or tritium?
  • Can I wear a Certina stainless steel watch if I am allergic to nickel?