Certina is passionate about sport, in particular motorsport. The brand has numerous partnerships which bear testimony to this dynamic passion.

The Swiss watch brand Certina has been attracted to the world of motorsport for a long time. Its involvement in the World Rally Championship is further evidence that watchmakers can also have fuel in their blood. Certina has been bringing an added degree of precision to the racing circuits of the world in this partnership, which was established in 2013. It is not the first time the brand has been involved in the sport: from 2002 to 2005, Certina sponsored the rally drivers Colin McRae and Petter Solberg. The jubilee year 2013 marked the return of Certina to rally racing – as the official partner and timekeeper of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). Furthermore, since the beginning of 2015 the brand has been the official partner of the Abu Dhabi Total World Rally Team, one of the most famous and most successful teams in rallying. The World Rally Championship is the most important racing series in the sport, and represents a huge challenge for the drivers and car-builders, both in terms of technology and driving skills. To be successful in this dynamic field requires not only outstanding technology and utmost precision, but also endurance and concentration, so this discipline perfectly complements the sport watch brand Certina. With ever-greater numbers of spectators and the vibrant atmosphere of live races, rallying is an amazing experience all round. And Certina is highly visible in the sport. From January to November, the logo can be seen in time captions displayed in television broadcasts, on banners along the route, at the starting line and on the podium backdrop, against which the winners cheer to the audience following the race.

Since 2015 the sport watch brand has been increasingly involved in the art of off-road driving. As the official partner of the Abu Dhabi Total World Rally Team, Certina is proud to support one of the best-known teams in rally racing, providing presence and precision. The Abu Dhabi Total World Rally Team can look back on a long and successful history. The team has a tradition going back to the middle of the 20th century, and has experienced numerous outstanding moments, not least thanks to the legendary racing success of Sébastien Loeb, who won the rallying world titles for the team each year from 2004 to 2012. Certina immediately felt a connection with the tradition and the community spirit in the Abu Dhabi Total World Rally Team. Both partners can look back on many years of experience and are prepared to give their all in their discipline – down to a fraction of a second. After all, both watchmaking and motor racing sports are concerned with high demands, innovation, design and uncompromising precision.
The challenges involved in rally racing impose huge demands on the drivers and car-builders, technology and materials.
Their qualities are put to the test, live, during a race.
This is a thrilling experience for the spectators, and is the reason why the number of racing series fans is constantly on the rise.
Certina is among them.

Adrenalin meets precision: the ADAC GT Masters is considered to be one of the most exciting racing series in Europe. It’s not surprising that Certina feels at home at these spectacular sporting events. Since 2015 the Swiss sport watch brand can be found at the starting line as the ADAC GT Masters official timekeeper. The technically demanding races take place on five tracks in Germany and on one track each in Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. Since 2007 the fastest and sleekest GT3 sports cars by famous manufacturers such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Bentley, Chevrolet and Nissan have been competing in the ADAC series. Certina plays a prominent and precise role at the track. Passionately. The brand's enthusiasm for motorsport is unsurprising – after all, precision plays a particularly important role. At such fast speeds, victory or defeat may depend on a hundredth of a second, and recording times in this lightning-fast discipline allows for no compromises.
This kind of challenge is just what the renowned Swiss brand loves.
The GT Series concept consists of two races over each racing weekend, one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday, each lasting one hour and involving a switch of drivers. The pre-series super sports cars are driven by former Formula 1 and DTM drivers, sports car professionals and talented newcomers. The shared priorities of precision, reliability and top performance make Certina and the ADAC GT Masters ideal partners – both in the development of high-quality sport watches and at 650 horsepower on the race track.