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DS-8 Chronograph Moon Phase

ds8-001 ds8-002 ds8-003

Lunar cycles in warm eternal colour

The new edition of the DS-8 Chronograph Moon Phase wears the warm and elegant shades of a PVD rose-gold case. Just like its stylish predecessor, it comes equipped with the highly-accurate PrecidriveTM movement and its uniquely original arrangement of chronograph displays. A new black dial adds a special touch of sophistication and contrast to the new model – set off to perfection next to the rose-gold case and elegant croco-finish leather strap.

Inspired by the moon’s mysteries and silent, eternal precision, timepieces such as the DS-8 Chronograph Moon Phase have captivated watch lovers for decades. The new DS-8 features a clever chronograph counter layout which Certina designers have chosen to place upon a contrasting black dial surface, for a very elegant effect. Inside, the timepiece is equipped with the superbly-accurate PrecidriveTM movement.

The dark, finely brushed sunray-finished black dial houses a date window at 4 o’clock for easy reading, while slender HM hands and large faceted indices, all in PVD rose-gold, are generously trimmed in Superluminova for excellent viewing under all lighting conditions. Chronograph functions are artfully arranged to show the 12-hour information in a window inside the 60-min. counter, while 60-sec. timing is displayed through the central sweep second hand. This allows for complete moon-phase information to be shown, including moon quarters and average cycle duration, on its own specific counter, placed at 10 o’clock.

The warm tone of the PVD rose-gold case is a perfect complement to the contrasting dark background of the dial and its own PVD rose-gold elements, as well as the matching bezel, crown and push-buttons. Fashionably sized at 42 mm, the design of the DS-8 Chronograph Moon Phase is well suited to both day and evening activities, but will strike an especially glorious note next to a fine business suit, thanks to its classy black textured leather strap and twin-push-button butterfly closure.

The watch is assembled using the well-known DS (Double Security) Concept, as highlighted by the presence of the letters “DS” inscribed over the crown tip. It is also equipped with a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both faces for best readability. The DS-8 Chronograph is water-resistant up to a pressure of 10 bar (100 m) and its case-back carries the historical CERTINA turtle logo as a further reminder of the timepiece’s reliability and expected long life.

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