Swiss motocross fans had two reasons to celebrate this weekend. For the first time in sporting history, two of their countrymen – Arnaud Tonus and Jeremy Seewer – earned a place on the podium at the end of the day. Certina received the news of their dual success at Orlyonok with pride: Arnaud Tonus' racing team, Monster Energy Wilvo Yamaha, and Jeremy Seewer both displayed the Swiss watchmaker's name at the starting line.

In the Russian stage of the world championship, the riders once again battled it out over mere fractions of a second – a topic that is naturally of key importance at Certina. After all, this watchmaker is not only known for their reliability and precision. They're also famous for their passion for motorsport. With the Monster Energy Wilvo Yamaha racing team and Jeremy Seewer as partners, the brand has reinforced their commitment to – and enthusiasm for – this fast-paced sporting discipline. Not to mention their unfailing ability to spot talent, as demonstrated by the two Swiss riders' success at Orlyonok.

Certina CEO Adrian Bosshard, himself a former motocross pro, and his entire team would like to congratulate the riders on their great performance. They are really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the racing season unfolds.