Friend of the brand - Tobias Friedrich


German underwater photographer Tobias Friedrich has been enthralled by the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants since he was a child. This fascination is clear to see in his work. His spectacular images capture the colours and atmosphere of life underwater. His talent and passion have earned him an outstanding international reputation: Tobias is one of the top award-winning underwater photographers around the world, having won more than 50 prizes and achieved first place in 30 different competitions, including the 2018 "Underwater photographer of the year" award at the distinguished UPY London contest.

It was therefore only a matter of time until Tobias and Certina found each other. The Swiss watch manufacturer has had close ties to the diving community for decades, both as a partner on important research projects and as a manufacturer of outstandingly reliable timepieces, designed by divers for divers. Certina has another connection with Tobias, however: Both partners are keen adventurers.

The brand is therefore incredibly proud to call Tobias Friedrich one of its international friends. As an ambitious photographer, Tobias is partial to the elegant design of Certina watches, while their functionalities appeal to the diver in him. His favourite model? They're as varied as the scenes and creatures he photographs. The DS Super PH500M, for instance – a modern interpretation of a true underwater classic. But he also likes the DS Action Diver, with a diameter of 38 mm – the epitome of a contemporary diver’s watch that leaves nothing to be desired – which accompanies Tobias on his exciting journeys underwater.

DS Super PH1000M, Limited Edition

With its latest timepiece, Swiss watch brand Certina reaffirms its unwavering passion for the depths of the oceans. The DS SUPER PH1000M first appeared in 1970, causing a sensation both above and below the water. Today, that early model is succeeded by not one but two variants: a limited edition of 1000 pieces featuring a bright orange dial, plus an unlimited version in black. The distinctive wristwatches are powered by a cutting-edge automatic caliber with an 80-hour power reserve and NivachronTM balance spring.

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