A new generation of bracelets

8th September 2021

Certina has always felt a great affinity for the oceans of our world. Whether it is participating in underwater research projects, the development of pioneering diver's watches or our partnership with the Sea Turtle Conservancy: We feel a deep connection with the element of water.


That is why we love the idea behind #tide ocean material®. Together with scientists from Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences OST, the committed team has developed an award-winning method of mechanically upcycling plastic waste from the oceans. The upcycled material is then made into cool, robust and high-quality watch straps, for example, which will be featured on a few of our timepieces from now on. We would like to invite you to discover this new, colourful aspect of Certina. You can find more information about the work and commitment of #tide ocean material® here.