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60 years
of DS Concept

Since 1959 the DS Concept has stood for maximum resistance. For sixty years we have made every effort to make watches capable of meeting all of life’s demands. Over the years the concept of Double Security has repeatedly been adapted to reflect the latest technical standards.

The DS concept has literally taken Certina to unprecedented heights. Thanks to their remarkable resistance, our timepieces have repeatedly found their way onto the wrists of daring mountaineers and deep-sea divers. Through sophisticated research projects and extreme stress tests, the DS concept has consistently proven itself anew – making it the ideal companion for everyday adventures in the modern world.

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Watches that feature the "Double Security" concept offer a range of protective measures for your watch

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Magnetic fields are hidden everywhere in everyday life – and represent a genuine threat to the rate precision of your mechanical watch. Certina is one step ahead. The innovative material known as Nivachron™ was developed specifically to enable increased resistance to magnetic fields. So 60 years after the premiere of the DS Concept, Certina has set another new standard in terms of reliability.

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Water resistance

Specification of water resistance is important, and not just for divers. It says something about the overall resilience of a watch – after all, watches come into contact with water in everyday situations as well. Thanks to the DS Concept, all Certina watches are water-resistant to at least 10 bar (100 m), which means they’re ready for any and all adventures.


Thanks to their shells, turtles are not only well protected – they can also reach a great old age. For this reason, since the 1960s Certina has chosen the symbol of the turtle as the epitome of resilient longevity.

Shock resistance

A precious wristwatch is a complex instrument packed full of filigreed technology. This means that rapid movements and/or hard knocks are a genuine challenge. As a result, Certina watches have been more than doubly well-armed for over 60 years. The security measures inherent in the DS Concept make them exceptionally resistant – even when life becomes an action sport.


Resistance is a quality much in demand. Traditionally, Certina watches never shrink from a challenge – they have repeatedly confirmed their exceptional robustness, frequently under extreme circumstances. Whether during underwater research on the ocean floor or the ascent of the world’s highest mountains: Certina watches are confident companions, even when the air grows thin or the pressure rises.

60 years of DS Concept
DS-1 Big Date Powermatic 80
Special Edition

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the DS Concept, Certina presents a watch that combines the timeless style of 60 years ago with the highest standards of today. The DS-1 Big Date 60th Anniversary steps into the limelight with an innovative Powermatic 80 Caliber fitted with a paramagnetic Nivachron™ balance spring. The anniversary model thus represents the brilliant debut of a new standard for the DS Concept.

DS-1 Big Date


DS-1 Big Date date
DS-1 Big Date dial
DS-1 Big Date PR 001
DS-1 Big Date PR 002
DS-1 Big Date SLD
DS-1 Big Date Special packaging