Certina is passionate about sport, in particular motorsport. The brand has numerous partnerships which bear testimony to this dynamic passion.



The Association of German Sport Divers (Verband Deutscher Sporttaucher, VDST) was founded in 1954. With 100 diving schools and dive centers, 17 regional sport diving associations and a total of 83,701 members, it is among the largest and oldest non-profit sport diving associations in the world. Certina and the VDST are connected through their shared love of the underwater world, a long history in sport diving and the search for maximum reliability.

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Yamaha MXGP

Monster Energy Wilvo Yamaha Official MXGP team

Passion for sporting challenges, whether it be excellence in the art of watchmaking or top performance on the rack track, courses through Certina's veins. The brand has long been associated with motorsport, and has been a proud sponsor of the Wilvo Yamaha Official MXGP team since 2018.

With riders Jeremy Seewer, Arnaud Tonus and Shaun Simpson, the Dutch racing team is putting a remarkable trio of highly promising beacons of hope on the starting line. The MXGP seasons runs from March to October and comprises 20 races on demanding tracks around the globe, starting in Argentina and ending in America via Russia, Europe and Asia. The President of Certina, Adrian Bosshard, was once a professional motocross racer himself and follows the action with particular interest: "As a Swiss watch brand with a long history, we are doubly proud that two exceptionally talented Swiss men, Jeremy and Arnaud, have found their way to the highly professional Wilvo team."

It goes without saying that the brand is spurring the team on with more than just good wishes: The Certina logo can be found on the motorcycles and on the shoulders and gloves of the riders – as well as, of course, on the watches on their wrists.

Jeremy Seewer

Jeremy Seewer

Despite his young age, the Swiss racer is already able to look back on a successful sporting career: from being crowned Junior Vice World Champion in 2011 to achieving the title of Vice World Champion in the MX2 class in 2016, Jeremy has continuously focused on improving his skills and his performance. Jeremy Seewer made his first appearance as a Certina partner at the starting line of the 2017 racing season, at the end of which he emerged as the MX2 Vice World Champion.

In 2018, the young Swiss professional celebrated a successful first appearance in the top tier of the FIM Motocross World Championship. Since the start of the 2019 racing season, Certina has once again been by his side, bringing good luck and maximum precision to both Jeremy and his new team, Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP. Certina President Adrian Bosshard, himself a former motocross professional, said: "We are so proud to accompany Jeremy on his journey. Everything he does, he does with real passion – just like we do!"

Connecting Certina and the young Motocross champion are the shared values of dynamism, a sporting spirit and continuous progress.


GT4 European Series / FFSA GT Championship

The GT4 racing series celebrate sporty cars, high speeds and nail-biting duels. And the important thing about them is that the dreams these cars inspire are not so far removed from all reality. Certina is proud to have partnered the renowned motorsport promoter SRO Motorsports Group since 2017, at three GT4 championships with stations in the UK, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Italy.

The sheer range of different cars that take part in the GT4 European Series, in the FFSA GT Championship (its French counterpart) and in the GT4 Central European Cup is extraordinary. From prestigious luxury brands to series-produced sports coupés, tremendously varied interpretations of "Gran Turismo" come up against each other here.

The GT4 sprint races attract fans from all four corners of the world, who go wild for the racing action. And Certina is never far away. The brand logo is clear to see on the windscreens of the cars and during the victory ceremony, as well as in numerous other places. What's more, the fastest driver is presented with a Certina timepiece on the podium – for passion and precision are qualities shared by racing drivers and watchmakers alike.

Ole Einar Bjorndalen

Ole Einar Bjørndalen

Su resistencia y precisión son legendarias y hacen de él un fuera de serie: Ole Einar Bjørndalen, socio de Certina desde 2011, es el atleta más laureado de todos los tiempos, tanto en número de títulos como en el total de medallas conseguidas en campeonatos del mundo y Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno. Con trece medallas olímpicas y un impresionante repertorio de victorias y récords en campeonatos del mundo, así como una invitación para unirse al Comité Olímpico Internacional (COI) en 2014, su excepcional trayectoria deportiva da para una historia cargada de emoción.

Incluso después de que la leyenda se retirara del deporte de competición en 2018, Ole ha sido un justo abanderado de la excelencia deportiva de los países nórdicos, cualidades que Certina también encarna. Después de todo, la fiabilidad y la precisión son sumamente importantes, no solo en competiciones de alto nivel, sino también en muchas facetas de la vida.

Este simpático atleta es un recordman indiscutible del biatlón. Lo que le ha valido su merecido su apodo: el «rey Ole».

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