Maximum resilience

Magnetic fields are hidden everywhere in everyday life – and represent a genuine threat to the rate precision of your mechanical watch. Certina is one step ahead. The innovative material known as Nivachron™ was developed specifically to enable increased resistance to magnetic fields. So 60 years after the premiere of the DS Concept, Certina has set another new standard in terms of reliability.

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Most mechanical timepieces are fitted with nickel-steel springs. These models generally provide precise results, provided that their mechanisms are not impaired by external influences.

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One such invisible enemy of mechanical precision is magnetic fields. They are concealed everywhere in our modern everyday lives, such as in handbag clasps or loudspeakers.

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Magnetic fields can have devastating effects on the accuracy of a mechanical timepiece. If parts of a movement are magnetised, the watch can permanently run fast or slow, or in the worst scenario, it may even stop completely.

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Even if it sometimes takes weeks before the wearer notices it: A watchmaker can quickly recognise discrepancies in function and identify the cause of these.

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The inaccuracy that results from contact with a magnetic field can add up to several minutes per day. These faults are among the most frequent reasons why mechanical watches need to be serviced.

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A watchmaker can demagnetise the timepiece again in a few moments, without needing to intervene in the movement.

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Afterwards, the accuracy of the watch is generally completely restored.

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The new DS-1 Big Date 60th Anniversary is equipped with an innovative Nivachron™ balance spring.

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The innovative Nivachron™ material has been specially developed with the involvement of the Swatch Group for increased resistance to magnetic fields.

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Thanks to the innovative material, magnetic fields can no longer interfere with this new generation of balance springs.

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The precision DS-1 Big Date 60th Anniversary therefore permanently remains precise, even following contact with a magnetic field.

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The latest version of the DS-1 is consequently once again setting new standards in reliability 60 years after the première of the DS concept.