Certina website news – coronavirus/May 2020

30th May 2020

The coronavirus has increased awareness for hygiene among people across the entire world. We are receiving more and more questions about the correct handling of wristwatches and have answered some of the most common ones here:


1) I wash and disinfect my hands several times a day to protect against infection. Is that bad for my Certina watch?
No. The splashes of water usually created when washing your hands generally cannot affect your Certina. Thanks to the DS concept, all of our watches are water-resistant to at least 10 bar (100 m) and therefore well protected. Even occasional contact with conventional disinfectants will not affect your steel or titanium watch. However, we advise caution for sensitive materials such as leather or rubber straps, as these could be permanently damaged. Also be careful when using particularly potent cleaning agents.

2) What is the best way to protect my watch while adhering to the current hygiene measures?
The water resistance of your watch is of the utmost importance when it comes into contact with water and disinfectants. As a general rule, you should therefore have it regularly checked by an authorised service centre. You should also ensure that the crown is completely screwed down or pressed down while wearing your watch.
When regularly disinfecting your hands, we nevertheless recommend that you avoid direct contact between the disinfectant and your watch. Wait until the disinfectant has been fully absorbed by your skin or has dried completely before touching your watch.

3) Can I disinfect my watch?
That depends on the materials of your Certina watch (see below for further information). Cases and straps made from stainless steel can be disinfected without any problems. But we do not recommend that you disinfect sensitive materials such as leather straps, as these could become damaged.
It it not possible to keep a watch that is being worn permanently free from germs – after all, it is a reliable everyday companion in direct contact with the skin.

Tips for cleaning or disinfecting your Certina watch:

• Materials such as metal, ceramic or sapphire crystal can be gently wiped clean with a microfibre cloth and a disinfectant containing at least 70% alcohol (without scents or colourings). Leave the watch to dry without wiping again and dispose of the cloth afterwards.
• Materials such as leather, rubber, textiles or hesalite crystal can be wiped with a microfibre cloth and a small amount of a mild soap solution. Let the watch air-dry afterwards.