Turtles in a race against time

28th March 2022

Turtles have existed for millions and millions of years. Their species has overcome huge obstacles and yet they are one of the most endangered animals of our time. To raise awareness of this threat to their existence, the Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC), is once again inviting everyone to the Tour de Turtles. This online event provides a fascinating insight into how sea turtles migrate. Satellite technology makes it possible to track the route taken by marked animals in real time. The "winner" – that is, the turtle that has travelled the furthest distance – will then be announced in the second half of the year.


For the group of leatherback turtles that typically cover the greatest distances, the race begins on World Sea Turtle Day, 16th June 2022. A second group will set off on 1st August 2022. Of course, Certina will be following this year's event with great interest, as always. The Swiss watchmaker has been a partner to the STC since 2017. The Florida-based organisation implements a variety of research programmes, educational campaigns, and specific aid measures in order to protect these animals.

One of the ways Certina will support the STC this year is a dedicated special model. The DS Super PH500M Sea Turtle Conservancy is a professional diver's watch with a vintage design, combining bright colours and an automatic movement with a Nivachron™ balance spring that is resistant to magnetic fields. The strap and packaging for this watch are made of environmentally friendly materials – a sign of the brand's commitment to helping sea turtles by contributing to sustainability.