A bright idea: Upcycling and protecting our oceans

18th July 2022

For many people, a sandy seaside holiday is the perfect summer. However, we must not forget how threatened our oceans are: Even in the darkest depths of their waters, researchers have found plastic waste. It is high time we acted. This sentiment was shared by a team of dedicated entrepreneurs and environmental activists, who worked together with scientists from Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences OST to develop an award-winning method of mechanically upcycling plastic waste from the oceans.

DS Super PH500M

The result? An innovative material known as #tide ocean material®. The underlying aim is to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our oceans and give this rubbish a new lease of life. Certina uses #tide ocean material® for its high-quality watch straps. These colourful, casual, long-lasting straps send a clear signal about improving sustainability and are extremely comfortable to wear wherever you are – including on your summer holiday by the sea.