The Tour de Turtles 2020 is underway!

17th June 2020

This year, two groups are racing across the high seas: 16th June – World Sea Turtle Day and birthday of Dr Archie Carr (1909–1987), co-founder of the Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) – marked the start of the leatherback Tour de Turtles, which sees six animals competing this year. One of them is Jessie, sponsored by Certina. Following the leatherbacks, a second Tour at the beginning of August will feature loggerheads and green sea turtles. The winners of the two migration marathons will be announced on 31st October 2020.


The Tour de Turtles is an annual online event which the STC uses to give the public exclusive insights into the migration of sea turtles. Satellite technology enables anyone to track the route taken by marked turtles in real time via their web browser. The Tour de Turtles tracks the entire distance that each competing turtle travels in the water over several weeks and then crowns a "winner". 

The Tour is a core element of STC's programme, with which the organisation seeks to raise awareness of the dangers the animals face and to call for greater responsibility for the turtle's habitats. STC, which is based in Florida, has been protecting sea turtles since 1959. The organisation's work is incredibly important and varied, and comprises research programmes, educational campaigns, but also specific aid measures for injured or endangered animals. Certina has been supporting this work since 2017, not just financially but also by raising awareness of the organisation as a dedicated partner.