The right time for a fast-paced popular sport

20th April 2022

High-speed action on the court: The sport of padel is breathing new life into the world of racquet sports. The summer months are the perfect season for this up-and-coming sport.


Certina is at the heart of the action: The brand supports a number of national padel associations. Take Belgium, for instance, where the "Start-to-Padel" initiative promotes the sport to new players of all ages. Or the Netherlands, where the "Copa de Padel" on 5th September 2022 will see the best players in the country face off in a thrilling competition. In Sweden, padel fans could get their blood pumping at the Certina Padel Open in Malmö in March 2022. Last but not least, in Switzerland, the watchmaking brand is helping this booming sport to make a name for itself in a number of sports centres and events.

Padel is always played as a doubles game. In this sport, which is similar to squash, the walls surrounding the playing area are part of the game. This not only results in a fast-paced game with plenty of exciting rallies, but also ensures that newcomers to the sport can get stuck in and have fun straight away. The perfect remedy for a stressful day – why not try it yourself?