Certina is the new timing partner of visma ski classics

Starting with the upcoming 50-kilometre cross-country race, Jizerská50 (Czech Republic), Certina is the official timing partner of the Visma Ski Classics Pro Tour. Visma Ski Classics is the long distance ski championship consisting of the twelve most traditional and prestigious cross-country ski events in the world.

Certina and Visma Ski Classics join forces for a series of unique winter events combining Pro Teams with recreational skiers through picturesque landscapes around Europe.

The partnership will begin in Bedrichov, Czech Republic with a 50 kilometre course through the wilderness of the country’s Jizera Mountains. The Jizerská50 is one of the biggest cross-country ski events in Central Europe and the third oldest race in the Visma Ski Classics. Extensive media coverage from upcoming Pro Tour events in Sweden, Norway and Finland will take the excitement to fans throughout Europe and across the world. Certina will award a precise, rugged and reliable timepiece to the female and male winners at each of the remaining races of the season.

Certina CEO Marc Aellen commented, “Visma Ski Classics races and athletes share the same values as our brand and products: timeless elegance, ruggedness and endurance. We are very proud to provide our support for timekeeping and speed checks for these outstanding sportswomen and men.”

Visma Ski Classics CEO David Nilsson added, "We are pleased with the new collaboration with Certina. Certina is a traditional watch brand, with a history and core values we can relate to. Certina has been an active sponsor within other sports, and we look forward to introduce them into our cross country skiing community."