Send us your watch, free of charge

Does your watch need servicing? Our prepaid consignment system is simple, quick and free of charge.

Here's how to take advantage of it:
Step 1 Send us your watch

Step 1

Fill the form

Enter your contact information in the form below

Step 2 Send us your watch

Step 2

Wait to receive your prepaid parcel

Within 48 hours, we will send you a postage-paid parcel, a protective watch case and a form to fill out.

Step 3 Send us your watch

Step 3

Protect & pack your watch

When you receive the package, please place your watch in the protective case and insert the case into the postage-paid parcel along with the duly completed form.

Step 4 Send us your watch

Step 4

Send back the parcel

Carry the parcel to your post office and request a shipping receipt.

Send us your watch

Only one watch may be sent per parcel, and the service is only available for use by private individuals who own Certina watches living in the countries indicated in the drop-down list. Your watch will be sent to the official Certina centre of your country.

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