Certina – go deep, go high, go higher

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Underwater experiments undertaken by the US Navy and NASA have confirmed that divers can rely on a Certina DS to go deep, with proven water resistance up to 10 bar (100 metres). The brand's reputation for robust reliability also rests on a number of endurance tests. One of the most spectacular was undoubtedly the Dhaulagiri expedition in May 1960: the first successful ascent of the 7th highest mountain in the world (8,167 m).

Led by Swiss climber Max Eiselin, the expedition was accompanied by early Certina DS-1 models, and the Certina DS soon came to represent the epitome of a particularly robust wristwatch. In honour of Max Eiselin and his team's exceptional achievement, Certina created two special versions of the DS-1 Powermatic 80. The "Himalaya Special Edition" series features a transparent case back with panoramic etching and the commemorative mark, "Dhaulagiri 8167m - 1960 - " and "MECHANICAL WATCHES SINCE 1888" on its automatic winder. All in all, a precious part of history.