Certina, a sure sign of quality, celebrates its 130th anniversary

Fabrik «Fabrik»
Kurth «Kurth»
Certina first «Certina first»

In 1888 the brothers Adolf and Alfred Kurth opened their own watchmaking workshop in the town of Grenchen, in Switzerland. Early success led the brothers to expand into full watch manufacturing, and in 1906 they began to use the name Grana, from Granacus, the Latin name for Grenchen, for their products. The assured high quality of their watches allowed the business to flourish, and by the 1930s they had begun to use the brand name Certina. Easy to pronounce all over the world, it comes from the Latin certus, meaning certain, sure, trustworthy, reliable. Registered in 1939, Certina has been in use as the Swiss watchmaker’s only brand name since 1949. A sure sign of quality, Certina celebrates its 130th anniversary in 2018.