Certina Logo 1888 «Certina Logo 1888»
Certina logo 1953 «Certina logo 1953»
Certina logo 2013 «Certina logo 2013»

In the late 1940s, the Swiss watchmaker Kurth Brothers Ltd. launched a new brand name for the company: Certina, from the Latin certus, meaning “assured, certain”.  Until around 1953, “Certina” was printed on the watch dials in a cursive font, with the letters connected. Starting in 1954, the brand name appeared in block letters, as it is today. A competition for graphic designers led to the introduction in 1958 of the now well-known mark with the two rotating “C” shapes, one within the other. Versions of the Certina logo in white lettering on a red ground represent “Swissness”.

The notable success of the uncompromisingly robust DS Concept led to the integration in 2013 of the turtle emblem, familiar from the back of Certina watch cases, into the logo.